Traits of the Perfect Master: The Inspirer of Faith

Dear Self Respecting Men,

High level Philosophy, deep level transformation articles are designed to be a very deep psychological and metaphysical exploration of the traits of the Perfect Master. Each article explores one of His attributes, and its manifestations in the life if His slaves. These articles are not for every Dominant, but rather for the elite Dominant who truly aspires to be absolutely powerful. Here we discuss the Perfect Master as the Inspirer of Faith.

“My nature, My communications, and My actions inspire faith in My female slaves. My female slaves gradually become constantly aware of My Unseen power over them. I inspire an inner devotional life in My slave girls. This inner devotion is made evident in their deeds. And those of my female slaves who are inspired, and manifest their inspiration in an inner devotional life, which is made evident in their deeds, I rearward with blissful pleasure. And I prevent the opinion of others interfering with My evaluation of My female slave. Because I am the only one who can know her true inner nature.

My female slaves with full sincerity of heart acknowledge Me, as their Master, and praise Me, singing all My virtues. I don’t punish the one who seeks refuge in Me. My female slaves openly and secretly profess their faith in Me. They are certain in their faith thus constantly humble, always fulfilling their promises to Me. My female slaves constantly listen and watch Me for any sign of communication, they obey My directives, they submit themselves to Me, and are pleased with all My decisions.

My female slaves believe in Me. My female slaves believe my chosen slaves, when I send them with messages for the lesser slave girls to obey. My female slaves believe that I will punish or reward them according their response to My messages. My female slaves believe that I have absolute power over every aspect of their life. My slave must obey any communications of their Master. My slaves believe that I am the one determining every moment of their life. My slaves believe there life is fully decreed by Me. My slaves believe that I knows everything about them. My female slaves believe that nothing occurs in their life except by My will.

On a deeper level, My slaves believe that I already knows what they will do, and am only testing them to demonstrate it to themselves. They know that I knows what they would choose.”

Syed Jilal Ali

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