Self Reliance: The Essence of Masterful Masculinity

Dear Men,

In order for women to seek bondage to you, they will first have to pursue you for milder purposes. Women are designed to be magnetically attracted to, and energetically pursue the essence of Masculinity, no matter what type of man they find it in. And the essence of Masculinity is Independence.

The clearest definition of a concept that can possibly be given, is the negation of everything it is not, and then a positive affirmation of all that it is. The essence of Masculinity, which drives women emotionally insane, is both Independence and Self reliance. The essence of Masculinity is complete lack of dependence upon anything other than upon your Self. In order to be Independent and remain alive, we must move in the world to meet our needs, the highest of which is the achievement of our dreams, and self assigned life objectives. Therefore Independence requires us to set our own objectives, and Self reliance requires us to depend only upon that which is under our immediate control to achieve our objectives.

So once you acquire these two traits which are in reality identical, you will be irresistible to all women, and women will energetically seek bondage to you. Independence denotes the ability to set our own objectives without and external reference. Independence is an imagination that is not limited by external circumstances. Self reliance denotes the ability to achieve your objectives without depending on anything other then the means that are under your immediate control.

Think James Bond. If James Bond took of his Tuxedo, and put on skater punk shorts and a-t shirt, he is still James Bond. Who and what he is, is Independent of the clothes on his back. He can still take out ten bad guys equipped Ak-47’s using a toothbrush, because he is James Bond. Independence and Self Reliance is the essence of Masculinity.

Syed Jilal Ali

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