Introduction to Having Absolute Power Over All Women

Having absolute power over women requires that you be unattached to any particular one. Absolute power over a female slave requires that she values you more than she value anything else, while you are completely independent of her. This how you make a slave out of any woman.
Having absolute power over a woman has broader implications, than only sexual gratification. By owning a female slave you now have another human being whose only objective in life is to seek your pleasure. Your slave girl has realized that her only purpose of existence is to serve you, to be an agent of your intentions in the world. This is not only true within the confines of the bedroom, but true in every moment of her earthly life.
However a woman can only realize that you are the purpose of her existence, when you have first realized that you are the purpose of her existence. She exists to seek your pleasure, to serve you. That’s the way God designed all women. It is their nature as women to seek the pleasure of men. Just get it rite in your head, and the dynamic that exists between you and all women will shift. Convince yourself.
This not about you enslaving women, this is about women seeking bondage to you. You allow some women to wear your collar, and other you reject. All women seek bondage to you, and you only collar the most valuable ones. Your slaves are the most enlightened, successful, affectionate, and glamorous women on the planet. Not the girl who works at Walmart.
You don’t demonstrate your value to women, rather they demonstrate their value to you. Your value is unquestionable, and obvious.

Syed Jillal Ali

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