Historical Announcement of the Enslavement Revolution

Dear Men who have Awakened out of the Matrix,

The revolution is coming. A cascading series of events has already been set in motion, that can only result in a single undeniable outcome. You reading this is evidence that the revolution is already under way. This revolution will globally reestablish natural Masculine feminine dynamics, which have been purposefully and gradually suppressed over the last two hundred years, by the societal elite. Think of this as a global energetic castration of the male gender, complimented by an unnatural status elevation of the female gender. This energetic castration violates a man’s Self respect, Self reliance, and sense of Independent defiance that he naturally feels toward oppression of all kinds. Thus allowing a few people to control the billions of human beings on the planet. Men like Rion, and myself are leading the revolution to rite the many wrongs that have been committed by the international elite, against the global human population. We are seeking to reestablish the natural Masculine feminine dynamics, thus reestablish the defiant independence of the global male population will allow men to again become empowered to struggle against anything that seeks to wrongfully bind them.

Rion focuses on reawakening natural feminine submission in milder women. He discourages men from pursuing relationships with Sexploited Pamela Anderson type women, and also Independent Angelina Jolie type women. We agree with Rion that natural blissfully compliant woman are the best. However we teach how to enslave these unnatural sexploited and independent women, and gradually train them into becoming naturally submissive women again.

His concept of natural grounding is very important. Using media to ground yourself into the natural Masculine and feminine dynamics is extremely important in order to successfully free yourself and begin to enslave women. Cutting yourself off from media that grounds you into unnatural feminine dominance, and purposefully exposing yourself to media that will make your natural reality stronger.

All the best,
Syed Jilal Ali

One response to “Historical Announcement of the Enslavement Revolution

  1. Dear brother Jallal

    May I ask you a question concering the new programm, which Rion Freeberg is offering.
    It is about “Getting Sexual Attraction / Presence” which will last for 8 weeks and costs $ 3500.
    As I trust your opinion in the matter, I will be vary grateful if you could give me some advice.
    Or is it enough to work with
    – Alpha Relational Dynamics?
    – Sexual Attraction Mastery?


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