How to Make Women Ok with Being Your Sex Slave


Most human beings in the modern world are willing to ascribe some credibility to the theory of evolution. The massive amounts of evidence that evolutionary theory can call on for support doesn’t allow room for much argument. However there are flaws in the theory, and anomalies of human experience which are unaccountable for by the theory. Both these truths must be kept in mind. Walking outside into the natural world, immediately overwhelms us with the truth of Evolution. Yet Michael Jordan, Mother Teresa, and Leornado Da Vinci all defies the idea that the human spirit originates in the ugly meaninglessness of the material world. The  human spirit, or human consciousness is not of the material. It originates somewhere beyond this world, and spires to return. And every once in a while there are those who succeed in breaking free.

My harem is run like a corporation with clearly defined objectives. My slaves are not just sex toys. They are sex toys. But they are also my spiritual disciples, my falcons which hunt andy prey I set them on, the agents of my attentions, operators who can achieve an objective I set them. Women are intelligent, use that inelegance to serve you. Ok rant over.

There are 368,000 searches a month for “Where to get a Sex Slave.” Can you believe that? Nearly 370 thousand times a month a random english speaking man intends to begin his search to gain a female sex slave. He starts with an obvious place of using google to gather some information. However his search is usually disappointing. There really is not a lot of high quality information out there as to how to go out in the western world, and to enslave a woman. Here we are going to discuss the practicality of where to get a sex slave, the legality of training a submissive slave girl, and the pleasures of owning a slave girl.

The practical fact is that you will not be able to go out and purchase a sex slave in North America. You will have to a capture a slave yourself. That means you need to be very affective at owning female hearts. All slave in North American can only be owned if they consent. And still they are not legally owned, but are owned only in a practical sense. Meaning they will willingly consent to anything you ask of them. You can only gain this continuos consent once you have mastered the philosophy of indifference, and began to manifest Masculine Majesty consistently in your behavior. For this we refer you to our e-book, and also anything by Brent Smith. He may not talk about bondage, but if you are a man who is looking to have absolute power of women, his application of the philosophy of indifference will be the power house that drives your enslavement of North American women. Once you have mastered Indiffrence, or Independence, you will no longer have to ask how to make a slave. Rather you will find that 99.9% of women will already be your slaves. You will just have to choose the one’s you are willing to spend time training. You will go from asking where to get a sex slave, to looking around your everyday life, and picking the women you want to collar. Because modern women all have, what we call the naught girl complex (explained elsewhere), they are all subconsciously seeking bondage style relationships. They are just waiting for the type of man who can handle it. Their subconscious response is ridiculously powerful, and they cant help but throw themselves at you.

To leave you with a surprising statistic. Did you now there are 5 million searches a month for “Spanking”, on google alone. Do you really think all of those searches are typed in by guys?

Here are the legal facts. There is no legal slavery whatsoever. So if you want to remain on the safe side of the law, this lifestyle has to be perpetually consenting. But here’s a technique which is super powerful and will keep you safe. Once you own a slave. Have her consent to whatever you are doing with her with the follow formula, “I consent to you now, my Master. And I consent to you for the rest of my life, my Master. You own me.” This will ensure the legality of the immediate activity, and psychological associate immediate consent with perpetual consent. This repetition  will eventually guide her to a point where she really will surrender herself to you for the rest of her life. At this point this formula will no longer be necessary, but its is a good practice to maintain for a few years.

Syed Jillal

ps. So if you’re still asking where can I get a sex slave? How can I find girl who is into female bondage? Where can I find a slave girl for rough bondage sex? Is it still possible to acquire and own slave girls to satisfy my every whim? Where can I find a submissive girl? Take a second to stop, take a breath, and wake up. Look around they are everywhere. All women are submissive. And all modern North American women need exaggerated forms of submission, because the societal repression of their naturally submissive behavior. Get Enslave Her (the ebook), and get out there. Collar as many women as possible, and join the Masculine feminine dynamics revolution.

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