How to Make Women Ok with Being Your Sex Slave


Most human beings in the modern world are willing to ascribe some credibility to the theory of evolution. The massive amounts of evidence that evolutionary theory can call on for support doesn’t allow room for much argument. However there are flaws in the theory, and anomalies of human experience which are unaccountable for by the theory. Both these truths must be kept in mind. Walking outside into the natural world, immediately overwhelms us with the truth of Evolution. Yet Michael Jordan, Mother Teresa, and Leornado Da Vinci all defies the idea that the human spirit originates in the ugly meaninglessness of the material world. The  human spirit, or human consciousness is not of the material. It originates somewhere beyond this world, and spires to return. And every once in a while there are those who succeed in breaking free.

My harem is run like a corporation with clearly defined objectives. My slaves are not just sex toys. They are sex toys. But they are also my spiritual disciples, my falcons which hunt andy prey I set them on, the agents of my attentions, operators who can achieve an objective I set them. Women are intelligent, use that inelegance to serve you. Ok rant over.

There are 368,000 searches a month for “Where to get a Sex Slave.” Can you believe that? Nearly 370 thousand times a month a random english speaking man intends to begin his search to gain a female sex slave. He starts with an obvious place of using google to gather some information. However his search is usually disappointing. There really is not a lot of high quality information out there as to how to go out in the western world, and to enslave a woman. Here we are going to discuss the practicality of where to get a sex slave, the legality of training a submissive slave girl, and the pleasures of owning a slave girl.

The practical fact is that you will not be able to go out and purchase a sex slave in North America. You will have to a capture a slave yourself. That means you need to be very affective at owning female hearts. All slave in North American can only be owned if they consent. And still they are not legally owned, but are owned only in a practical sense. Meaning they will willingly consent to anything you ask of them. You can only gain this continuos consent once you have mastered the philosophy of indifference, and began to manifest Masculine Majesty consistently in your behavior. For this we refer you to our e-book, and also anything by Brent Smith. He may not talk about bondage, but if you are a man who is looking to have absolute power of women, his application of the philosophy of indifference will be the power house that drives your enslavement of North American women. Once you have mastered Indiffrence, or Independence, you will no longer have to ask how to make a slave. Rather you will find that 99.9% of women will already be your slaves. You will just have to choose the one’s you are willing to spend time training. You will go from asking where to get a sex slave, to looking around your everyday life, and picking the women you want to collar. Because modern women all have, what we call the naught girl complex (explained elsewhere), they are all subconsciously seeking bondage style relationships. They are just waiting for the type of man who can handle it. Their subconscious response is ridiculously powerful, and they cant help but throw themselves at you.

To leave you with a surprising statistic. Did you now there are 5 million searches a month for “Spanking”, on google alone. Do you really think all of those searches are typed in by guys?

Here are the legal facts. There is no legal slavery whatsoever. So if you want to remain on the safe side of the law, this lifestyle has to be perpetually consenting. But here’s a technique which is super powerful and will keep you safe. Once you own a slave. Have her consent to whatever you are doing with her with the follow formula, “I consent to you now, my Master. And I consent to you for the rest of my life, my Master. You own me.” This will ensure the legality of the immediate activity, and psychological associate immediate consent with perpetual consent. This repetition  will eventually guide her to a point where she really will surrender herself to you for the rest of her life. At this point this formula will no longer be necessary, but its is a good practice to maintain for a few years.

Syed Jillal

ps. So if you’re still asking where can I get a sex slave? How can I find girl who is into female bondage? Where can I find a slave girl for rough bondage sex? Is it still possible to acquire and own slave girls to satisfy my every whim? Where can I find a submissive girl? Take a second to stop, take a breath, and wake up. Look around they are everywhere. All women are submissive. And all modern North American women need exaggerated forms of submission, because the societal repression of their naturally submissive behavior. Get Enslave Her (the ebook), and get out there. Collar as many women as possible, and join the Masculine feminine dynamics revolution.

70 responses to “How to Make Women Ok with Being Your Sex Slave

  1. Am I the only girl on this site that’s like, “wtf”?
    Also am I the only one who noticed this dumbass spelt itelligence wrong? -_-

      • You’re also an idiot who likes to make shit up without actually providing any proof. Any cultural anthropologist or biologist who studies human evolution could call your bluff. If you manage to convince anyone, they must be complete idiots. But hey, all you have to do is sound authoritative and a lot of people will believe you. You’re also being completely hypocritical. On the one hand, you claim people have been conditioned by socio-cultural forces to act a certain way. And your suggestion is to essentially use the same tactics to make them act “naturally.” But what proof is there that it’s natural? There’s none. They’re both just different kinds of socio-cultural conditioning.

        You want to practice BDSM with consulting adult women? Awesome. As long as y’all are having fun, it’s no big thing. But if you want to rationalize and justify it, it makes it sound like maybe you are feeling just a little bit guilty about what you’re doing.

        Maybe the truth is that you’re the one who needs a spanking, majestic man. 😉

        Totally gonna try this tactic out on guys, though. I bet it will work to Enslave Him too!

  2. “…make shit up without actually providing any proof. Any cultural anthropologist or biologist who studies human evolution could call your bluff….But hey, all you have to do is sound authoritative and a lot of people will believe you.”

    It’s amusing how you make this criticism of my exegesis, and then appeal to the authority of unknown experts. These type of relationships are quite gratifying, but they are also necessary to bring our society back to homeostasis. Provide an alternative explanation of the prevalence of BDSM in western societies rooted in evolutionary psychology. Or shut up.


    ps. Sources:

    1. The Mating Mind by Georfrey Miller
    2. The Dangerous Passion by David Buss
    3. The Female Brain by Louann Brizdine

  3. But I acknowledge thus far my writing for this blog has not been academically rigorous, but rather philosophy derived from my subjective experience. Though I feel that this is the most valid form of philosophy, your criticism has inspired me to move toward threading in more experimental evidence for my views. Thank You.

    • Welcome, Sonya. I am noticing an increase in indian women seeking bondage style relationships. How did you become interested in female slavery?

  4. I totally agree, I hate that society expects me as a woman to be strong and dominant. I would much rather be subserviant, it would feel more right to my natural instincts and I would take A LOT of pleasure from being dominated in bed. I don’t by any stretch think this is true for all women but definately for me. I would rather be a homemaker cooking food and providing sex whenever demanded by the man.

    • Dear Shannon,

      A woman’s biological nature in relational, her perspective at any given moment is relative to the strongest influence in her environment, and thus she is dependent by her very nature. When society expects you to be strong, influential, and dominant, it creates within you a conflict. On the one hand you must submit to the strongest influence in your environment, the culture in which you exist, yet the behavior necessitated by such a submission are contrary to the very submissive nature that compels you to submit.
      Any healthy human being would prefer to live according to their own innate disposition. Therefore there are very few psychologically healthy women in the geography currently permeated by western culture. It is natural for a woman to be submissive under natural circumstances, and natural for her to desire subservience when this instinct is suppressed under unnatural circumstances. All women are naturally submissive, and take pleasure in men controlling the sexual act. However this pleasure is induced more fully by exaggerated sexual dominance, only when she subconsciously recognizes that she is a has been a “bad girl” in her day to day activities, and that her man is putting her back in her place.

      “Men are in charge of women, because Allah hath made the one of them excel the other, and because they spend of their property (for the support of women). So good women are the obedient, guarding in secret that which Allah hath guarded. As for those from whom ye fear rebellion, admonish them and banish them to beds apart, and scourge them. Then if they obey you, seek not a way against them.”

      -Qur’an 4:34

      • That’s not how you get a sex slave brah.
        PROTIP: think with your balls/dick, not with your brain, when dealing with women. Exude dominance and aggression. Ask for nothing. Tell her to submit.

  5. I am into BDSM and this is seriously the most WTF piece I’ve read. BDSM and the whole Master-Slave thing is just to get our sexual kicks – for both the so called “master” and “slave”. It’s about fun for those who are into this. It has nothing to do with male superiority or female inferiority!

    And if you didn’t notice, there are more submissive men than women in the scene. How do your theories on evolution explain that? And what about the large number of gay men and women in the lifestyle?

    • I am sorry that the article was beyond your grasp. You may engage in BDSM for sexual kicks, however many individuals experience it as a deep psychological drive. Submissiveness is the essence of female sexual response. All flirtations, are signals of submission, or playful defiance in order to provoke the man’s desire to overpower it. Men are created a degree superior to women. But a woman does not have to submit to any man that she doesn’t recognize as worthy. However it is her nature to both recognize and submit to men of Godly character.

      Submissive men are men whose self respect has been completely eliminated by western culture, and thus feel the compulsion to submit to women in an exaggerated version of what propagated by western media in shows like Everybody Lover Raymond. These are the cuckold types, that enjoy paying for everything, while hearing there wife moaning in the next room. A second form of submissive men, are those who have extremely dominant personalities in their day to day life, and are in fact psychologically healthy men. However like all human being they have the inherent drive to submit to, serve, or worship something. Finding nothing for the object of these drives, they often choose a woman as their idol. An example is highly successful businessmen and politicians, paying for humiliation by professional Dommes.

      Sodomy has no evolutionary purpose, has no biological explanation, is morally unacceptable, and should be eliminated in any society in which it exists as a publicly acknowledge occurrence. Individuals with this psychological disorder should be compassionately helped, and any relapses as long as they are no publicly announced should be veiled.

      Syed Jillal

    • BDSM is one thing, but in male-female relationships in general, if the woman is pleased, chances are the man is dominating. I see this in my parents- they’ve been together for 30+ years, and my dad has never jerked it a single night. Before I went to college, I would always hear them fucking, and my mom would always cry ‘spank me’. BDSM is just a Marketing niche to get you to buy sex toys- it’s considered fetish culture, which is why you have so many gays and betas (cause they’re already fringe). In standard culture, whether it’s in Iran, USA, England, or Brazil- the man dominates- not because of some social constructs- because the woman needs him to, and it’s in our blood. Ever wonder why female bodybuilders (or bodybuilders in general) are dominants in BDSM? It’s because of all the steroids. Testosterone- the *male* sex hormone- makes you dominant. Estrogen makes you submissive. Therefore, men should be more dominant, and women more submissive- unless their (physical and mental) health is screwed up.

  6. I am impressed, I want to know more! I thought that (by nature) i was the dominant one but it feels like i “rule” because i am scared to loose. My father has been very controlling of my mom for over 30 years and i saw how unhappy she has been so I think i unconsciously refuse to surrender. However, I am also tired of being the controlling one in a relationship yet i don’t accept anyone ruling me. Is it something i can learn and work on? Would role play help? Thanks a lot

    • It is the nature of the female primate to be submissive towards, and sexually aroused by the most socially influential and dominant man in her environment. This often portrayed in movies, when a hero or man of the hour walks into some social occasion all the female attention is on him. He is turned toward, gazed at, and pleasant inviting smiles are displayed by all the attractive and fertile women in the room. This behavior is displayed by most women, unconsciously even if they are standing next to their beloved husband, and have not the slightest conscious intention of sexual interest.

      Naturally dominant men, have this control effortlessly. Women intuitively recognize, and helplessly surrender to them. Less dominant men try to artificially evoke this from a woman. An impossible task. A woman’s intuition must recognize the strength of character, in order for her to surrender. Her intuition is an evolutionary tool calibrated and refined over millions of years for this very purposes, extremely difficult to deceive short term, and impossible to deceive in the long run.

      However, due to the nature of communication technology. The strongest influence in a woman’s environment is no longer the dominant male in her immediate environment, or social group, but rather the culture itself. The culture is an aggregate of ideas, or the group mind. Some of these ideas are contrary to human nature. However as the ideas as acted upon, and propagated throughout western society, they are habitant forming, self reinforcing, cascading there own existence. They are like viruses, using the infected human mind to reproduce and propagate, destroying there host in the process. Feminism is the mind virus most pertinent to this discussion.

      I suspect your personnel refusal to surrender is driven by two factors, (1) your 30 year witnessing to a weak male attempting to substitute the lack of strong character, which his wife would intuitively recognize, and pleasurably submit to, with a bullying type of control. Uninspiring, and shamelessly enforced (2) your immersion in the matrix of social influence which provided the interpretive light of this experience. A light which said that your mother was unhappy, because her being controlled by your father is wrong. The truth is that if your mother respected and loved your father, the way a woman naturally respects and loves her, she would be happy to be obedient. The fault lies with your father who despite not being an honorable or respectable man, expected to be treated like one, and attempted to force your mother to fulfill his expectations for 30 years. An attempt that was unsatisfactory to both. This, your parent’s mutual dissatisfaction is the root of your unconscious refusal to surrender.

      Your growing tired of being controlling in a relationship, because you recognize that a part of your needs to surrender, and needs to be controlled. Not by a man like your father, of course. However by a man with a strong sense of self-respect. You need to submit to such a man, cultivate your surrender to him. Redirect your dominance toward controlling whatever means you need to earn his pleasure. Role play may be a beginning, but the majority of western women have unconscious desire to be in bondage to a man, vastly stronger then there conscious disgust towards the idea. Bondage provided a mutual catharsis, a reduction of cognitive dissonance, by an exaggerated expression of the suppressed drive. You cannot learn it on your own, because you are going against the tide of the entire society. You need a man whose character is strong enough not only to resist this influence, but to reverse it.

      There are animal species on this planet in which the female is dominant. A popular example is the female praying mantis which bites of the males head while mating with him. The male engages in a courtship dance to induce mating, rather than being killed just for food, but by doing so is submitting to his own death. The more submissive the male, the greater evolutionary success he has. The male who is less submissive, and attempts to flee will be preyed upon, despite failing to propagate his genes.

      I cite this example for three reasons. First to illustrate that Dominance and submissive roles are very concretely defined within a species. Second that every species is unique, and Dominance and submission dynamics play themselves out in a way unique to the species. The Tango has been danced millions of time, but each particular dance is unique. Female Mantises eat the head of the male while still mating with him, but each mating is unique. Men must dominate women, but each domination has unique.

      If you would like more in depth knowledgable discussion about this topic, then I would suggest reading my e-book “Enslave Her”.

  7. Is it legal (Halal) to own a sex slave ? If Yes then how to you handle it when it contradicts with law?

    • It is perfectly halal for a mujahid to take a woman of the enemy as ghanima, and to keep her in servitude as a slave. However the application of this in the modern world required insightful itjihad. This is my legal reasoning, by which I live. You may read it, and decide for yourself. However remember, I am not a mufti.

      My legal reasoning is as follows.

      The world can be divided into Dar-ul-Islam and Dar-ul-Harb. Therefore anywhere it is not Dar-ul-Islam is Dar-ul-Harb.

      Being a Muslim, and a citizen of a western country constitutes a “sula” between me and the citizens of this country, such as sula-hudaibia between the Rasul (sws) and the Quraish. This sula requires me to abide by the terms of the common pact, i.e. the constitution of the country. As long as I abide in this country, and do not openly declare an end to out pact (give up my citizenship), it is haram (illegal according to Divine law) for me to break my pact with them.

      The 13th Amendment of the constitution is most relevant to this issue and states,

      “Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction.”

      Here the key word is involuntary. The dean allows me to take “ma malakat ymanukum” from amongst the people who fight against the Muslims. However, my individual pact (citizenship) with them requires me to enslave women who do it voluntarily. You may ask why would a free woman voluntarily become a slave. America is an odd place.

      A woman’s fitrah is tasleem. A woman intuitively recognizes a Godly man, and must by her nature surrender herself to him. However this culture teaches her to behave against her nature. The natural desire in her for the slightly dominant companionship of a husband, is suppressed until it becomes the desire for an extremely dominant man, who will take all her power away. America is filled with such women. The irony is that the more power she has acquired in society, the more strongly she responds to this type of total power exchange. She will voluntarily become a slave to a man who will treat her like one. The process is a little more delicate then I have explained here, however this is the main idea. I have only dealt with “kaffir” slaves. I do not believe there is any justification for taking Muslim one’s.

      Further, my slaves address me as “Syed”, they are fully aware of the nature of our relationship and extensive trained before any sexual act, they spend all of their free time learning the Qu’ran and talking to other people about it.

      Lastly, as a young Muslim who suffered severely from the hypocrisy of my parent generation, who were more then willing to teach us sexual purity, but completely unwilling to help us get married, I believe this to be the perfect solution for young Muslims living in western countries. It is surprising how strongly western woman respond to this method, and it is a kind of non-violent jihad.


  8. THANK YOU, Syed, for ‘getting it’! It’s really too bad more men don’t understand this about women…modern, successful women. Thank you for spreading the good word!

  9. and also…. most of the most brilliant and successful men I know are horrible spellers…. ya’ll have more important things to worry about. 🙂

    • Dear Rita,

      Male and female psychology is very different. If you are coming from an evolutionary perspective we can term this phenomena by saying they have different strategies for achieving evolutionary success. If you are coming from a Neurological perspective then we can term this same phenomena by saying they have different neurological circuitry in their brains and bodies. If you are coming from a metaphysical or spiritual perspective then Men and women were designed to express two opposite but complimentary non-empirical principles. Whichever perspective’s way of stating this truth you can relate to, the consequence that is relevant to your question is that men are not evolved, wired, or made to express submissive behavior. Whereas a woman is. Her evolutionary strategy is to display submissive behavior, flirtation, to the dominant male in order to arouse the man into impregnating her. Her neurological circuitry drives her to beautify, adorn, and communicate herself in every way possible in order to be pleasing to the men in her social environment. Her unexpressed metaphysical principle seeks a unique feminine expression in her movements, speech, and love.

      However Western society has muted much of natural Masculine- feminine dynamics. Thus the desire for exaggerated forms of submission, a healthy psychological response to an unhealthy collective mind. However, your case being, as I understand it from a very brief description, a woman desiring a male sex slave to dominate and control, needs to be explored further to determine the psychological causes. Any cultural circumstances that produce a sexual desire in individual women, will also produce a complimentary sexual desire in individual men. By discussing and arriving at a fuller understanding of what psychologically motivates this desire to own a male sex slave, we can identify the men who would share your desire to enslave, own, and use them. And what display of behavior by you, would trigger them to display the type of behavior you desire.

      My experience of women enslaving men is quiet extensive, if rather indirect. Women that I psychological enslave, behaviorally train, and pleasurably own display an extreme contrast in behavior. There submission to me become increasingly refined and self abasing, whereas there behavior toward the rest of their social environment become extremely dominant and confident. Quiet often the trigger in the psychologically castrated western man internal images of being humiliated and cuckolded by a “goddess” on a psychological pedestal. Often, I direct my servant to enslave these type of men, to financially control them, while gradually training them to be real men again. I get a hefty financial benefit from them, while gradually restoring there manhood. It’s a win-win.

      Syed Jillal

    • A true Dom is hard to find, most of the guys that answer are Dom wannabes, they know nothing about the Dom Sub relationship. I am older and experienced email me at (

  10. There are so few true doms, and so may potential subs. When I am in periods of really being turned on, all the women I encounter respond to be submissively. I’m working on being in that state continuously. Most subs do not want to take initiative, but I feel as though more subs finding potential Masters and training them into becoming Doms would help alot of people out as well. Anyways I really enjoy training new submissives let me know if your don’t find a local Dom.

    Syed Jillal

  11. If there are any Subs or Slave girls in the area of East Tn. and looking for a real time Dom or Master email me and lets talk. I have been in the lifestyle around 20 years and am experienced. (

    • Dear Ana,

      Yes, women who understand the subconscious condition of the average individual of there gender in Western society can enslave, train, and own there very own female slave. Although, it would be easier for you to enslave the energetically castrated men that you have all around you. The western woman has been socially conditioned, and her biologically programed behavior repressed from such a young age that there is an immense ocean of subconscious emotions and desires driving fantasies of bondage, humiliation, and punishment. However, these fantasies are majorly directed toward strong dominant male figures. You will have the unique challenge of triggering these fantasies inside of her without actually being a man. This may done by the relative femininity of your clothing and demeanor. Remain feminine relative to most men, but masculine relative to most women. However, because women are very sensitive to there hierarchical status relative to one another, they will not accept you as dominant over themselves without you having the sexual attention of most men in your surrounding, or providing some type of unique capacity or power that contributes value to the social group (or society). Otherwise, they will need your dominance to flow very naturally from the core of who you are, because of your lesbianic tendency wanting to playfully dominate them by putting them in the feminine role relative to yourself. My switches are well trained to select, approach, enslave, and train any flavor of feminine energy I require, bringing her to me in a state of complete surrender. You can do it to. This may also be an option for you. Find a man that your heart intuition recognizes as dominant, and surrender fully to him. Be a switch for him. In that way, women will accept your domination, because he will give that power over them to you. Play with whatever option seems most comfortable to you. Let me know how it works out.

      Syed Jillal

  12. I’m a younger man and I have always enjoyed relationships with older women. But I love to dominate them. Can I make a milf or mother figure my slave? Is it a counterintuitive relationship?

  13. The female experience of being as mother is the pinnacle and fruition of her feminine nature and biology. My teaching uses bondage to restore a woman to this innate feminine. You can use her motherliness to define what its is that you are trying to restore and the type of behavior you want to be robust under all conditions. By leading evan an older woman through a series of realizing her deepest darkest bondage and humiliation fantasies, she will be liberated to express her innate femininity and motherliness. Also if you successfully lead her through such a series there will be an immense amount of trust and devotion towards you in her heart. Therefore, you will be free to define the relationship as you want. You cannot at one have the humiliated, punished, bound, degraded bitch and the feminine mother. The bondage is the means to liberating the mother. However, if you do successfully liberate her, then you will have the trust to define the relationship as you want. But the bondage aspect will have to e downed down, and geared into play mode, rather then serious therapy.

  14. “Submissive men are men whose self respect has been completely eliminated by western culture,”

    The same for submissive women….

    I feel as if I’m stuck between the two…

    I want to be submissive but, I will not kneel to a 50 year old fat ass, or a 20 year old disgusting skinny, weak, player. I believe that all women are somewhat submissive but WE ALL ave standards… don’t get to cocky men.

    I imagine myself with a average, 30-40 year old man, race does not matter because I am African-American/Asian, he cant be skin and bones but no beer gut.. muscular maybe? He has to show that he is in the best shape possible and expects me to be also…

    Our society has raised all women’s standard and expectations of men… if you can meet them than you can make ANY woman Submissive.


    Ps. I’m young… lol

  15. Dear Mila,

    All human beings have an intrinsic submissive drive. It is natural for men to direct there submissive drive toward a set of principles and a corresponding life objective. In other words it is natural for men to submit to a God. For women it is natural to direct that submissive drive toward a man she respects, trusts, and loves. Streamlining and satisfying her entire submissive need with a single individual liberates her to display her dominance in relation to everything else.

    Being a slave is not about your standards. It is about recognizing that your Master is living in full integrity with his own values and passionately pursuing his life objective. When you heart recognizes such a man you will naturally feel the feminine desire to go into a state of pure surrender and sincere devotion doing whatever you can to serve and please him.

    The more you get in touch with your own feminine biology and distance yourself from western programing you will realize that you desire to be possessed by a man of sound character. The strength of character will be much more important then appearance.

    All women are already submissive. This society makes them sick. Slaves need to meet the standards of their Master.


  16. What can someone who wants to be a master do to learn about being a Master? I feel like i’m one of those wannabes but i really dont know. The only experience i have with dominating a submissive woman is online, and on the phone. How can I know if i’m being a good master, or if she’s even doing as I tell her?

  17. You’re delusional, and psychopathic. You exhibit all the classic NLP hypnotic doublespeak bullshit. You’re not original, or ‘masterful’.

    What utter crap to say that ‘all women are naturally submissive, and evil society is crushing their servile dreams. Boo hoo.’

  18. The cognition of your body, and therefore your biological sex is one of one of the most fundamental and constant cognition of human experience. The differentiations of male and female characteristics and behaviors is a evolutionary fact. Human female by nature respond sexually to men who are dominant. Hence, they naturally desire to fill the submissive role in a sexual relationship.

    I have studied NLP years ago, but this endevours is more to spiritually awaken women to their intrinsic humanity and femininity.

  19. Hello Syed
    I tried to go to the link u posted to get the book but nothing works
    Could u fix this because I’ve been wanting to read rue book for a very long time

  20. Dear Prime,

    I appreciate your desire to read my book, but Amazon deleted it after I had gotten many positive reviews and just began to make a little money to fund the video products I guess free speech only applies to violating what people hold sacred, not speaking out against the status quo. I was planning on making it available for free on this blog as a download, but that would require me to subscribe to the paid service. I can email it to you if you like.


    • Great minds think alike, but the likeness is so deep int the deep structure of their thought that others perceive them to be as different as different can be. Just something that came up for me, when I read your comment. How much experience do you have?

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  23. I am a girl and I know your right, about all this. But it is making me so mad! I know I am submissive but I don’t want to be!

  24. I just found this site and he is very much right on the money. I am a Dom in every sense of the word and for the most part I have seen very few other true Doms out there – mostly wannabe’s. The subs that I have trained throughout the years are all the better for it in so many ways that it is almost uncountable and this is something that these Dom wannabe’s just don’t understand and never will.

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