Establishing Rules of Behavior for Your Slaves

There are 9,900 google searches a month for “Training Slaves”, 8,100 google searches a month for “Training a Submissive”, 6,600 google searches a month for “Sex Slave Training”. I have mentioned only three Slave training search terms out of 15 which have thousands of google searches a month. So obviously human beings around the planet are interested in bondage, and more specifically in slave training. Slave training in fact is the facet of bondage that generates most bondage related search traffic, second only to the enslavement process itself. So I wanted to post some highly valuble resources for those men who are looking to take their slave training to the next level. For those who are still looking to acquire their first slave, please check out some of our other videos. They will transform you into a propertier of female hearts.

In this video Master Hook is outwardly discussing panties, but his reasoning is a very deep level exploration of the psychology of setting rules for your slaves. Rules that are not arbitrary, but will actually teach your slave to be a better slave.

The essence of training a slave is that gradually her fundamental identity becomes, “I am my Master’s slave.” Her very definition of self has to come to depend on you. This requires a very deep psychological penetration, not just outward role play. This level of psychological penetration cannot take place through the usage of techniques, not matter how powerful, psychological or physical. Rather this level of psychological penetration requires a tranformation of your own identity. Her definition of self cannot depend on you, unless you have a strong and constant definition of self. This video by Master Hook is more valuable then you know, we suggest reviewing it regularly, until it has become a part of your identity.



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