Clarity on Being Pursued by Women


The fact is that you can only create one unique dynamic between you Masculine Independence, and the feminine nature of energy around you, concentrated in clouds known as women. You cannot have one type of dynamics with one woman, and another type of dynamic with another woman. Once you have determined you relationships with Universal Feminine energy, or the submissive female archetype, then you will have determined your relationship with all women. All women are naturally submissive. The fact that they have two X chromosomes determines the fact they are submissive. It is the nature of the feminine, and the female to be submissive, and blissfully so. Everything else in unnatural, abnormal, and morally wrong.

So you are either pursued by all women, or pursued by none. So you have to be ok with letting go of any attachment to women who won’t pursue you, and who are not willing to put on a collar. And if you really do become detached from these type of women, you will find that they eventually find their way back to you, and are know willing t submit completely. I’ve personally had women from three or four years ago in my life come and find me. Now willing to submit completely. Once introduced to their own nature, and these ideas, they simply need time to realize there truth. All modern western women, are looking to become slaves subconsciously. Atleast until their behavior has been corrected. Women who seek to be punished, just for the experience of pain are psychotic (albeit to varying degrees). However women who seek to be punished, because they realize the damage that their feminist behavior does to themselves, and those around them, are natural. They just want to be corrected, and then loved for being good women. Leave the psychopaths, and find the women who just want to be shown the right way, that want to be lead into being natural women again, who want to be woken up out of the social matrix.

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